Making End Of Life Decisions

Life is a series of decisions. Small and major decisions influence the course of the lives of all people, so it is inevitable that you and your family will have to make important decisions in preparation for life’s end. Of course, those who are constantly facing danger, those in their twilight years, or those in the terminal stage of illness may have already begun to make decisions.

There are reasons why families do not always talk about making end of life decisions. For one thing, the end is a subject that is uncomfortable to discuss, and if an old family member starts to talk about the issue, they may opt to change the topic to something more pleasant. Talking about the end of life is something fearful and painful and causes people to step out of their comfort zones.

Discussions with Loved Ones

What will happen when you die and have not made any arrangement about what comes after? Think, not only of their grief, but the mess, cost, and obligations you are leaving behind for your loved ones to face. Do you think they will have the mindset to plan the funeral arrangements? To search in unlikely places for your pension plan, insurance policy, registered retirement savings plan or annuity contract? In case of a cardiac or respiratory arrest, have you arranged for a do not resuscitate document? Have you designated a power of attorney? Have you prepared your last will and testament? This whole gamut of problems could have been avoided had you discussed these issues with the people in your life beforehand.

Funeral Arrangements and Burials

You will have many options if you plan your funeral arrangements in advance. The things that should be considered are funeral and cemetery arrangements and the kind of memorial you want. You can make a preplan and prepay funeral and cemetery service arrangement. With this arrangement, you will be able to secure a guaranteed price at the time of the arrangement that will not change as the years progress, even if, when the time comes, the cost would be much higher. Any funeral or cemetery provider in your locality will help you pre-plan and your local funeral director will offer counseling on the amount local social service agencies consider reasonable and customary to spend on a funeral.

Important Documents

You will alleviate the bereft state of your family members by preparing these important documents ahead of time, keeping them in a secured place, keeping them in order, and updating them annually:


Your last will is one of the most important documents to keep updated. With the power of attorney, your lawyer can act on your behalf. It is easy to prepare your last will. Your will should cover each of the following:

Issues to Settle

There are important issues to be decided even before life comes to an end. To give everyone peace of mind, you have to deliberate on these issues before hand.

As people approach the end of their lives, they and their families have to face tasks and decisions that include a broad array of choices ranging from simple to extremely complex. Tasks and decisions are not easily accomplished but they are relevant and essential for each and every person. 


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