Sentry Life Insurance

Sentry Life Insurance Company was founded in 1904 by members of the Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association to provide insurance for its members. Now more than 100 years later Sentry has expanded to health, auto, and a specialization in life insurance open to all.

The Company’s President and CEO is Dale R. Schuh

The Company is headquartered in Stevens Point, WI

As of December 31, 2008, Sentry has assets of $9.8 billion and a policyholder surplus of $2.8 billion.

According To The Company

Sentry is one of the largest and strongest mutual insurance companies in the United States. The industry's leading rating authority, A.M. Best, has rated Sentry Insurance as an A+. Sentry Life Insurance says life insurance can help your family pay for immediate and long-term expenses if you die. Immediate expenses include funeral, burial and tax expenses, mortgage payments and everyday household expenses. Long-term expenses include daycare, education funds and retirement.

Sentry Life Insurance offers the following Life Insurance products:

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