Physicians Mutual Life Insurance

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company was started out of a small home in Omaha, Nebraska in 1902 as an insurance company catering to medical professionals.  The company expanded its products to include consumer insurance in 1962 and expanded even further in 1970 to create Physicians Life Insurance Company, a dedicated life insurance division.  Today, the Physicians Mutual Insurance Company offers a wide and diverse range of health and life insurance products to both individuals and businesses, as well as continuing to serve the medical professional community. 
Physicians Mutual is still headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.  Last year, both Physicians Mutual and Physicians Life Insurance were awarded A (Excellent) ratings by A.M. Best for financial strength and ability to meet customer obligations.  The company currently oversees $3 billion in assets between both divisions and pays nearly $400 million in claims annually.


Physicians Mutual Insurance Company prides itself on offering a large selection of insurance products, ranging from basic life insurance and supplemental health coverage to dental insurance, Medicare supplemental plans, long term care insurance and annuity products.  Physicians Mutual provides different types of life insurance products to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.  Its full lineup of life insurance products include:

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